Mentorship matters: notes from the event for mentors and coaches

March 13, 2024

On March 13, we gathered mentors and coaches from our Wise Talk platform for an educational and motivational event, and it was an absolute source of inspiration!

We were honored to welcome Gitte Klitgaard, an agile coach, trainer, advisor, and mentor, who focuses on helping organizations implement psychological safety, responsibility, and accountability. Since 2013, Gitte has been speaking, conducting workshops, and keynoting at international conferences across three continents.

Gitte shared insights on the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring, offering valuable tips for successful sessions and highlighting common pitfalls for mentors.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions on courage, stress, coaching, mentoring, and beyond, uncovering the deep connections between these crucial topics.

A heartfelt thank you to Gitte for her exceptional guidance and unwavering motivation, and to each participant who brought their unique experiences, perspectives, and energy to the table.

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