Looking for an answer? Draw it! Neurographic with Natalia Popovych

March 28, 2024

Relieve stress, understand yourself, find a solution to any problem - all this with the help of a drawing! These goals were set by us when we decided to organize a master class on neurographic with Natalia Popovych (Ukraine).

Neurographic is a creative method that helps you understand your problem and find a solution through drawing according to a special algorithm. By drawing certain lines and figures, a person better understands their unconscious thoughts, feelings, ideas and gradually comes to a solution of the problem. Neurographics is sometimes called talking to one's subconscious through the lines and shapes.

The response to the event was extraordinary and we had to close registration an hour after publishing the announcement. The group of participants was very friendly and despite the fact that everyone had their own request, the evening was filled with conversations on various topics.

Natalia not only explained how neurographic works, but also shared her own story of what exactly led her to this method of self-discovery. For the first time, she advised choosing the topic "Prosperity" and explained step by step what needed to be done. The topic was so interesting that even the Help in Change team joined the drawing.

It was real art therapy, and each participant went home with a unique drawing, where they visualized their vision of wealth. It's quite exciting to think how quickly the ideas from the pictures will be realized.

Thank you all for your interest in neurographic, questions for Natalia and openness to new things. This master class was the final event of the "Ukraine Rise Together" project, but we hope to see you in the next ones. Follow the updates in our social networks!

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund

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