Free Makeup Artist course in сollaboration with Mariart school of makeup and hair

February 15, 2024

As part of the second Help in Change project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), in collaboration with our partner Mariart School of Makeup and Hair, we organized Makeup Artist courses for Ukrainians who reside in Stockholm under the Temporary Protection Directive.

Students learned the basics of makeup, professional hygiene and skincare, products and equipment, as well as in-demand techniques and makeup styles in the market. Instruction was conducted in English. Studio sessions alternated with self-paced learning through videos, tests, and practical exercises.

During the course, students had the opportunity for internships: working on the launch of cosmetic products and even participating in weekend shoots for short films.

We are grateful to Mariart School of Makeup and Hair for the opportunities they provided to the participants, and we wish the students continued success in their careers.

ℹ️ The project is funded by the European Social Fund

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