Changes in the legal status of Ukrainians in Sweden in 2024

February 24, 2024

On February 24, the Swedish government published a new bill "Förbättrade levnadsvillkor för utlänningar med tillfälligt skydd" with amendments to residents under the Temporary Protection Directive.

The bill anticipates changes in the status of Ukrainians under the Temporary Protection Directive. In particular, it includes the possibility for registration (folkbokföring), access to healthcare and dental care, staying home with sick children (VAB), etc. The government is accepting feedback on the draft law until April 5, 2024, and the law is set to come into effect on November 1, 2024.

Registration (folkbokföring)

The government proposes to adopt a new law on registration by place of residence. According to the law, the right to registration under the Directive arises after 12 months if there is a likelihood that the person will remain in Sweden for at least the next 6 months. Children will be registered simultaneously with their parents.

If you received protection under the Directive before November 1, 2023, you will be registered, even if your residence permit expires on March 4, 2025.

Applications for registration must be submitted within four weeks from the date the law comes into force.

New rights

  1. Right to a personal identification number and BankID
  2. Simplified access to online services
  3. Signing contracts for mobile communication and internet services
  4. Full medical assistance, including dental care, same as residents
  5. Childcare leave (VAB)
  6. Ability to purchase comprehensive home insurance (hemförsäkring)
  7. Access to the establishment program, with a daily allowance of 308 kronor if you are between 20 and 66 years old

What is not included in the law:

  • Social benefits based on residency: housing allowance (bostadsbidrag), child allowance (barnbidrag), support for elderly individuals (äldrreförsörjningsstöd)
  • Personal assistant rights for people with disabilities (LSS)
  • Determination of migration status after the Directive expires
  • Uncertainty regarding stipends (CSN)

Review the draft law on the government's website

Help in Change has prepared a review on the bill. We believe that the proposed bill requires further legislative efforts and will be hard to implement due to a lack of previous experience among case officers and a lack of resources in the municipalities. Our conclusion is, therefore, that it would have been better for the Swedish bureaucracy and Ukrainians if they were covered by the same rules as other refugees.

Find information about etableringsprogrammet on the Arbetsförmedlingen website

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