Blue and Yellow Country: photo exhibition based on the book about Ukrainians in Sweden

March 4, 2024

Every Ukrainian who found their refuge in Sweden after February 24, 2022, has his own story that deserves to be heard. Ukrainian photographer Tetiana Zemlyanska collected some of these stories in her photo book "Blue & Yellow Country". These stories are about Ukrainians and Swedes who opened the doors of their homes to save people from war.

Photo: Alex Zetti
Photo: Alina Harmash

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Stockholm, from February 28 to March 13, 2024, you can visit a photo exhibition dedicated to these stories and read some of them on the walls of the gallery. "Blue & Yellow Country" is an ode to the extraordinary strength of the human spirit. These are fascinating stories of hope, humanity, and resilience that come to life in the portraits of the heroes.

Photo: Alex Zetti, Alina Harmash
Photo: Alina Harmash
Photo: Alex Zetti

At the exhibition, you can not only read the stories and see the photos of the talented photographer, but also join the interactive part. You will find a piece of paper on one of the tables where you can write what you are grateful to Sweden for. The wall is already actively filling up with notes, so come and add something from yourself.

Photo: Alina Harmash

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

How to find: The Ukrainian Culture Center in Stockholm Gallery, T-Centralen, Sergelgången 31 (Designtorget).

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