Youth Care in Change program is funded by the European Social Fund. Our program is aimed at supporting young Ukrainians, aged 18-24, in the process of integration and adaptation in Sweden. The goal of the program is to provide informational support, opportunities for language improvement, support in adaptation and integration into the Swedish labor market, educational sphere, and society for refugees from Ukraine
aged 18-24, who are covered by the EU Temporary Protection Directive.
About the program

Youth Care in Change is an integration and adaptation program for Ukrainian youth aged 18-24 who have arrived in Sweden under the Mass Migration Directive. The program is designed to help young Ukrainians settle into their new country, acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for successful adaptation into Swedish society and the Swedish job market.

What does it mean to be Språk Buddy?

  • You will be matched with a Ukrainian youth and you will have a continuous contact during the summer of 2023, you choose how often and where you see each other.
  • You get to support someone in their language learning by socializing, talking and promoting cultural exchange
  • You help someone improve their language skills in Swedish or English
Why become a language buddy?
You get an opportunity to:
  • Help others
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Fill your free time with a meaningful activity
  • Develop your communication skill
The main goal of the program Youth Care in Change is to help Ukrainian youth establish connections and integrate into a new social and cultural environment, as well as provide them with the necessary resources for successful adaptation in a new country. The program includes various events and activities such as language learning programs, cultural events, advice and consultations on employment and education, and curator support.

Through this program, you will be able to acquire the necessary skills and resources for successful adaptation and integration into Swedish society, which will help you create a bright and promising future in Sweden.
The program to support Ukrainian youth in Sweden, Youth Care in Change, started in May and lasted until September 2023.
A number of useful and practical events and meetings were organized within the program. Our main goal was not only to facilitate the integration of Ukrainians into Swedish society and the labor market, but also to help them set the right goals for the future, look for new friends, develop their personal qualities and creativity.