Professional support

Start or continue your professional career in Sweden

Our activities designed to guide you on your career journey, support skills development and facilitate meaningful connections within the professional community.
Where are you in your career path?
I have a part-time/full-time unqualified job but want to get a job according to my professional qualifications.
I have had experience of qualified job in Sweden already but look for the new one
I don't know in which industry I can get a job
I know in which industry but don't know in which role I can get a job
I know what industry and what role but do not have a wish list of companies and knowledge of where to start
I know all of above but don't have any professional network to establish first contact
I apply for desired jobs but get refused or no answers
I am invited to the interview but fail to go through
Conditions of the contract do not correspond my needs so I do not sign it
With my profession and education I can not work in Sweden directly so I need guidance to find alternative career path/educational courses.
I am open to change career path and know what can suit me
I am open to change career and do not know what are my options.
Book a 30 / 60 minute session with a Wise Talk mentor
Wise Talk is a digital space where professionals in different areas meet those who have questions about integration in Sweden.
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Get personalised career advice from our HR counsellors
You can get career advice on the spot at our one-to-one career consultation sessions with HR counsellors.
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Gain new skills while learning a new language
Our up-skilling and language courses will make you ready to enter the Swedish labour market.
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Network with us
We constantly organize professional mingles with our partners such as Spotify, H&M, Scania, Westerberg & Partner, and others.

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  • Anna Hula
    Platform and Community coordinator
    Curious about online Wise Talk career consultations or have a question about them?
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  • Ekaterina Pchelnikova
    Platform and Community lead / Co-founder
    +4676 0870146
    Would you like personalized career advice on-site? Or maybe you're our next mentor and/or career counselor.
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  • Maria Verbitskaya
    Event coordinator
    Are you interested in organizing an event with Help in Change or would like to share ideas?
    Maria is the person to talk to!
Latest news
The current activities are carried out with financial support from the European Social Fund and aim to help refugees from Ukraine who are covered by the EU Temporary Protection Directive to integrate into the labor market in Sweden.